Shallowater business paying more for live Christmas trees this year

Hamilton Farms is facing a 15% increase in tree costs, but is not raising prices for customers
Published: Dec. 4, 2022 at 10:10 PM CST
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SHALLOWATER, Texas (KCBD) - At Hamilton Farms, all of the trees are pre-cut and sent from Canada. The owner, Kyla Hamilton, says that cost her and her husband a pretty penny this year.

“We didn’t raise our prices to the customer even though we had that 15% increase across the board,” Hamilton said. “So, our customers’ prices have not gone up but our cost as the owner has gone up significantly.”

On top of already putting in more money than expected, Hamilton Farm’s season had a late start.

“Our season was set to open Black Friday, and that’s the day we had that lovely raining ice storm,” Hamilton said. “So, we didn’t get to open to the public that day, and then the next day it rained and we had some mud, so we couldn’t open that day.”

Hamilton says her and her husband are used to delays and fluctuating costs from their experience farming and raising cattle.

“You’re just at the mercy of so many things that are out of your control: weather, input costs, and things like that that you can’t control,” Hamilton said.

When people ask how she will make ends meet, Kyla says she’s just praying Hamilton Farms will get a lot of business.

“We also have lots of activities and concessions and things. So, we’re hoping for some offset costs in there, too,” Hamilton said. “Not only volume, but just spread those dollars around the farm and just know that the Lord’s going to take care of us and it’s going to be okay.”

She’s hopeful because despite the tough year, Hamilton says people are still searching for that Christmas centerpiece.

“Tree sales have been good though, lots of people have come out and just want to buy their tree even though we couldn’t offer a lot of farm activities from the weather we’ve been having. Tree sales have been good and steady,” Hamilton said.

Prices range from $59 for a four-foot tree to $350 for a 15-foot tree. Other sizes land somewhere in the middle. For more information on Hamilton Farm’s Christmas trees, click here.