Our Town Spotlight: Post reopens Silent Night Village

Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 8:47 AM CST
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POST, Texas (KJTV) - If you’re looking for a great way to get in the Christmas spirit, head out to Garza County this weekend for “Light Up Post”. You can also witness the re-opening of a beloved city tradition.

“This year, we opened up the Silent Night Village. It hasn’t been opened in a number of years, and that was one of the goals that were met with our opening of the Economic Development Summit is people wanted to see the Silent Night Village actually used again,” said Post City Manager Rhett Parker.

The town’s holiday staple can be seen on the east edge of town on Highway 380 (en route to Jayton). The Post City Festivals group has taken an extra effort to make sure the Village is more exciting this year than ever before.

“We’ve taken the Village and decorated it. We’re going to have the “Taste of Post” in here, which is going to be predominantly all of our restaurants in Post are going to cater to you to show you what they offer in our town,” said Stephanie Hadaway, Post City Festivals Officer.

There at Silent Night Village, Santa Claus and his wife, Mrs. Santa Claus will make an appearance Saturday.

“Mr. & Miss Santa Claus that will be here most of the day, that day, and that night, and following the parade, so we’re just excited about everything that goes on,” said George McDonald, who is a part of the Post City Festivals general council.

Lifelong resident and city council board member Steve Rivera owns a business right beside Silent Night Village. He’s proud to be downtown, and is definitely in the Christmas spirit, especially while he’s painting store windows.

“We were 90′s kids, so as you see- we got Power Rangers-themed windows and stuff,” he said, “So we always try to go with the theme, so it really it feels good that everybody can see it and everybody’s like ‘Oh, your windows look great!’. So, I just hope that just is infectious to everybody, and they start doing it too.”

Along with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, other paintings include the Grinch and Charlie Brown.

To go with horses and fire trucks, McDonald mentioned another fun feature people can catch in this weekend’s upcoming parade.

“The Post City Festivals also owns a train, a trackless train that goes on the streets and so, it’s been in the Christmas parade every year for the last several years and is loaded with kids on there, so it’s part of the parade. And, what a wonderful way to see the parade because you’re seeing all these people all around it the whole time you’re driving around. It’s just such a neat parade.”

Hadaway says the “small town vibes” hit differently in a community like Post.

“It’s different in a small town because our small town comes out for it, it supports it, we look forward to it, it’s a tradition here,” she said. “Our lighted Christmas parade, as George referred to is a huge deal! It’s been a long-term tradition here because it starts at 6 p.m., it’s lighted. We have so many people that come out just to see that come out from other places. It’s an excitement!”

Rivera, who helped decorate the downtown area with the help of his wife, agrees.

“December 3, it’s going to be lit up and I was like ‘I hope we don’t throw breakers in town and lose power,’ but we’re gonna have lights flowing.”

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