Our Town Post: West Texas Christmas destination

Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 3:11 PM CST
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POST, Texas (KCBD) - Around the state, Post is becoming known as the “West Texas Christmas Destination,” one that can’t be missed when people pass through town.

“The lights are very important,” says Post city manager Rhett Parker, “With that, it draws in economic development- because the stores are open, people shop, people come in to look at the lights, and it naturally gets people off the highway.”

The lights he is referring to will turn on this coming weekend in “Light Up Post”. Christmas at its best in this small West Texas town. Steve Rivera, Post City Council member says the parade is something to see.

“Towns from all over bringing their fire trucks in. And I was a fireman too, for 12 years, and so that has a special place in my heart for that, too,” Rivera says, “So, to be able to see that and part of the parade, I mean, loud noise and red lights... that’s a parade you know, Christmas parade at that.”

Julia Childs, editor and publisher of the Post Dispatch, says the festival is a collaborative effort from people in Post and other surrounding towns.

“Fire trucks are lit up, the kids are there, Santa comes in, Churches are involved, schools are involved, the school is having floats, they’ll bring the band, and it’s just one of those things that you can’t miss,” she says.

George McDonald’s wife owns a business downtown. He says some people will travel hundreds of miles, just to be in the small town for the holidays.

“And, the people that come from all over the world... that come through here is pretty amazing,” he says. “We regularly get people from Europe, or wherever, and so it’s just wonderful to see-because they all like coming here.”

Along with being part of the Post City Festivals General Council, McDonald also works on the Silent Night Village (eastern edge of town heading to Jayton) along with Stephanie Hadaway, Post City Festivals Officer.

“They show a lot of heartfelt support for the downtown community, and our even locals come out to support the parade, and even join in the parade. And, it starts at 6 p.m. It’s a lighted parade, and it is magical,” she says.

Post resident Eddie Pitts stays in the Christmas spirit all year long, so much so others call him “Mr. Christmas.” After he set up lights in the downtown square weeks ago, his family will come in to see the results of his hard work.

“My kids are coming in. I got one in Fort Worth, one in Dumas... They come every year just for the parade,” Pitts said.

Chip Polk with the Ragtown Gospel Theater (three miles north of town on Hwy 84) says one thing that makes Post stand out is the way the atmosphere is always changing.

“Post keeps kind of reinventing itself. It has since I was a little kid, and I’ve always thought it was special. We were the only town that I knew of that had its own office. We had a post office and we had one in every town.”