Lubbock teens selling ‘Bless You Bags’ to keep in your car, give to people in need

Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 5:45 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 21, 2022 at 10:20 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - This holiday season, three Lubbock teenagers want to make sure everyone on the South Plains feels seen and loved. They’re selling ‘Bless You Bags,’ filled with toiletries, snacks, a water bottle, gloves, a beanie, a bible verse, and a handwritten note. The idea is to keep one or several bags in the car, so that when families see someone in need, they can give one to them.

Annie Luft, Emie Dawson, and Sophie Drumright are leading the cause. The idea started with Annie’s little brother, who would save up his money and make bags like this with his grandmother.

“They’re just a little bag full of like basic things that we have every day. But some people don’t always have access to,” Dawson said.

The teens have always known each other through their church, Monterey Church of Christ, and have gone on mission trips to Los Angeles and Corpus Christi. After getting home, they wanted to take what they learned and find a way to apply it here in Lubbock.

“It’s just such a small thing that each one of us has every day and we don’t really think about it, but the little things just impact people so much,” Luft said.

The three reached out to the organization Open Door Lubbock, to see what people experiencing homelessness would need.

“Just making sure that these people know that they’re noticed and that people, that we see them. And it’s not just we drive by and we don’t do anything, but we see them. We want to actually change their lives and make that difference,” Drumright said.

The teens had sold bracelets before, raising money to hopefully donate to a non-profit one day. They used that to make and sell 40 bags for $5 each on a Wednesday night at church. Then, they got to introduce the idea to the congregation on a Sunday.

“We want to plant a seed here and then all of y’all spread those seeds,” Luft said in the service.

After the service, they sold 60 more bags, raising about $2,000 dollars in sales and donations to make more.

“It was just really overwhelming and heartwarming just to see how much people cared about this stuff,” Dawson said.

The teens say they are already seeing the impact the bags can make. One of their friends, a five-year-old named Willow, gave one to a man in Lubbock, saying a prayer over him.

“Her grandparents told us that, they sent us a video of her just praying over this man that they’d seen. She was like, I just need to go help him. So, she went and gave him a Bless You Bag and you could tell, he asked her to pray over him and it just, I could tell it just changed at least his whole week and maybe his life,” Dawson said.

The teens encourage you to create your own ‘Bless You Bags,’ and make a difference in the community.

To support the cause, donate to the Venmo account @LBKblessubags. To purchase a bag, email