Local musicians on ‘Getting the Gig’ in Lubbock

Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 8:13 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Lubbock Cultural Arts Foundation and the Lubbock Music Friendly Advisory Committee hosted the second annual “Getting the Gig” workshop at The Blue Light in downtown Lubbock to help keep musicians in tune with venue owners.

Stacy Keith with the Arts Foundation says the amount of good talent in the hub city can make it hard to book live shows.

“Lubbock has such a healthy music scene,” Keith said. “I think the opportunities are there but they’re competitive.”

That’s why Keith says it’s so important to create ties between upcoming artists and venue owners who book them. The “Getting the Gig” workshop is meant to do just that.

“We’re really hoping that synergy will help some of these younger musicians be able to make that great connection and get on the right stage,” Keith said.

Lubbock was designated a music-friendly community back in 2020. Taylor Swift with Two Docs says the scene has only grown since then.

“I love the scene,” Swift said. “I think that people underestimated it for a long time but we’re starting to get things like festivals and venues like the Blue Light, Two Docs, and Cook’s Garage.”

With more venues, there are more performers looking to make a name for themselves. Local musician Jojo Disalvo says it can be hard to break into the live music scene.

“I’ve sent hundreds of emails,” Disalvo said. “Never gotten a single response.”

Disalvo says the best thing to do is put down the phone, close the computer, and show up.

“Going to like an open mic and playing, or going to just like a venue and just being like ‘Hey I heard y’all do live music. I’d love to get in contact.’ That’s the way you make connections,” Disalvo said.

Disalvo’s bandmate Xavier Hutson says performers should lean into what makes them unique, even if their style isn’t the status quo.

“When you bring your own thing into it they really appreciate the different kind of influences they can bring,” Hutson said. “Not just country and stuff like that, that’s known for being out here. They can really appreciate all kinds of music.”

From a venue’s standpoint, Swift with Two Docs agrees

“We like to get a diverse crowd we go from everything from a live rock band, full country band, and we like to get small local artists,” Swift said. “We want people to just be able to come and experience something different every time they’re at Two Docs.”

Disalvo says making a name and connection in the Hub-City will payoff wherever musicians decide to go.

“Just having those connections that you can build off of and then maybe move to the next city and start your life in music as a bigger artist,” Disalvo said. “I feel like you can do that in Lubbock as well but there’s always room for growth.”