West Texas athletes celebrate faith at FCA ‘Fields of Faith’ event

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 7:57 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted its “Fields of Faith” event in Lubbock on Wednesday .

The annual event is intended to solidify the faith of middle and high school athletes across West Texas.

“Maybe through an event like this they have an opportunity to hear that message,” Bradley Adkins with CFA said. “That’s kinda the heartbeat behind it just coming together in unity in the name of Christ.”

A message of strength and faith

Student athletes often show their hunger for competition, but Adkins says outside of sports it’s food for the soul they are craving.

“Kids are hungry, people are hungry,” Adkins said. “They’re hungry for truth, they’re hungry for hope, they’re hungry for life and light and a message.”

Adkins hopes that message is heard by the masses with more than 20 counties and 80 campuses participating.

“We reach out to Seminole, Denver City, Muleshoe, out to Plainview and down to Patton Springs, so we have a huge area,” Adkins said.

The event had a profound impact on Adkins’ life As a high school athlete.

“That was the moment that I came out of the stands and got to have that moment that helped stir my heart,” Adkins said “It’s a moment to this day I still remember. It’s a moment that marked my life. That’s part of the hope and prayer behind this is that people will have those moments and those encounters that change them forever.”

Texas Tech soccer player and event speaker Charlotte Teeter says her faith has helped her battle though mental health issues.

“I’ve been in counseling, I’ve gone to psychiatrists, I’ve tried all the things like meditating,” Teeter said. “But prayer and relationship with Jesus is my hope for those coming.”

She hopes this event provides a faithful resource she didn’t have.

“As a young girl I wish that I would have had an event like this,” Teeter said. “With people vulnerable enough to share their story and what Jesus has done in their life.”