Scientists discover new set of blood types

A new set of blood types have been discovered.
A new set of blood types have been discovered.(CNN Newsource)
Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 6:06 AM CDT
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(CNN) - Scientists said it is important for everyone to know their blood type in case of a life-threatening event that results in a need for a blood transfusion.

Now, they have discovered a new group of blood types that you may need to be aware of in rare occasions.

The new group is called the Er blood group.

According to a study in the journal “Blood,” there are now a total of five Er antigens in this group based on genetic variations.

The blood type can cause immune cells to attack mismatched cells, which has happened in other cases where blood types are incompatible.

The Er antigen was discovered years ago, but the study is the first to describe the different mutations of the antigen.

Experts said that while it may be rare, it could be important for physicians and nurses to pay attention to if they are having trouble diagnosing their patient.