Lubbock Code Enforcement seeing more weed violations following heavy rains

Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 10:43 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - With some late and heavy rainfall across the region, Lubbock Code enforcers say weed violation cases have grown quickly. The Code Enforcement Department is cracking down on violations, and working to contain its own overgrowth.

“It has been different because earlier in the year it was dry, so we haven’t had that many weed cases. But with the most recent rains, everything popping up and trying to come out, our weed cases have really increased,” Code Administration Director Stuart Walker said.

Through its monthly neighborhood deployment, code enforcers searched for homeowners in violation of the ordinance in the University Pines neighborhood Wednesday. The city ordinance restricts grass, weeds or any plant that is not cultivated to less than eight inches. If in violation, Walker says the City will issue a warning asking homeowners to mow. If the violation is not taken care of in seven days, the city will send in a contractor to mow, on the homeowner’s dime.

“For the cost of the mowing, plus a $200 administration fee. So, people that don’t mow get a bill, and depending on what all gets mowed on your yard, it could be over $200,” Walker said.

When it comes to city properties, Walker says each department takes care of its own area.

“We’re, the City’s in the same situation that a lot of folks are. They’re waiting on their contractor to get there. So, communication is one of the things that we rely on. If you get written up and you’ve got a contractor coming and it’s within a reasonable amount of time, we’re willing to work with you. We’re willing to give extensions,” Walker said.

He says compliance doesn’t just keep the city beautiful, but safe.

“The tall weeds, when they’re alive, they provide habitat for vectors of disease. Once they die, they become dried out and they become a fire hazard. So, we just want to get them all taken care of as soon as we can,” he said.

If you see a violation, you can report it by calling the City of Lubbock at 311, or by sending photos through the MyLBK app.

Walker says the City is always looking for more contractors. They need general liability insurance, worker’s compensation for employees and either a tax ID or Social Security number. Walker recommends they call the Code Enforcement office.