Warmer temps ahead after cool Sunday

Published: Sep. 11, 2022 at 8:30 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - I hoped everyone enjoyed the cooler weather today. I know everyone is anxious for Fall, but that was just a small, small taste. The cooler air that was in place after the cold front yesterday has zero staying power, but that also doesn’t mean I’m expecting it to get crazy hot.

We’ll start your Monday off with a high of 88 for the week. Then we enter into a fairly consistent pattern for a bit. In fact, right now on my 7-day, I have us either at 90 or 91 the rest of the week.

It’s only a few degrees above average this time of year (86). Now, ultimately, will it be that consistent? Probably not. But that’s how things look.

As far as rain chances, those will be consistent as well. Consistently low.

Our best chance of rain will be looking at some storms developing in New Mexico and then trying to drift eastward our way. I’m thinking they might make it across the state line, but they’ll be on a downward trend by then. So I’m going with a 10% chance of rain for places like Plains, Muleshoe, Morton, Denver City, etc. But Lubbock and points eastward, the chance is even lower.

A little weather fun. One thing I always like to look at this time of year are the models that look at Earth, straight down at the North Pole. You really get a good idea of the cold air starting to set in this time of year, and indeed, we’re starting to see it. Places like Siberia in Russia and parts of Canada and Alaska could be getting pretty cold for September in the next few weeks. Will that cold air affect us directly? Well no. But, it is a sign that seasons are beginning that slow change.