Story of Strength: ‘Sister K’ helps Catholic Charities

Published: Jul. 31, 2022 at 9:50 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KJTV) - For the Catholic Charities Diocese of Lubbock, one of the group’s many ministries is found in the food pantry. With the help of a volunteer from St. Francis Mission Sisters, it’s able to run efficiently.

Since she became the pantry’s coordinator in January 2021, Sister Kathleen DiMartino, better known as “Sister K”, has the place perfectly organized. She credits her organizational skills to her Italian background.

“Italian grandmothers and mothers are very strict when it comes to housekeeping,” she said. “When you’re a novice, you learn how to do a lot of different things.”

Much of Sister K’s inspiration comes from St. Francis of Assisi who was an Italian Catholic Friar 800 years ago.

“Francis used to go around begging for food and rocks to build his Church, and we’re supposed to follow her way of living,” DiMartino said.

Others, such as Sabrina Robbins, who is the direct client assistance program director for Lubbock’s chapter, has noticed Sister K’s devotion to service.

“She’s very organized. She’s here every day, and she’s ready, willing, and able to serve in whatever capacity we need her,” Robbins said.

For DiMartino, the community support is a catalyst for the group’s success.

“The Knights of Columbus have been wonderful with us,” she said. “They’ve helped us tremendously when we were down to like nothing. I just got in contact now, I use my contacts. The women’s organization, the Diocese of Lubbock just gave us a donation of stuff yesterday. We’re also getting donations now from Panera Bread. They’ve been very generous, and so I just made a very new list of different places we could contact for food.”

Not only does Sister K have great skills working with food, she shows the same work ethic with other people.

“She’s extremely important to what we do here. She is very welcoming for all the people who come in,” Robbins said. “Sometimes, we have people really going through a crisis, and case managers will let us know. We’ll have Sister K meet them, give them food. Sometimes, she prays with them, gives them a blessing, let’s them know they’re being served by someone who is a servant of God.”

When asked about her reasons for serving, Sister K kept her answer simple.

“I just want to help the people of God! That’s the whole thing.”

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