Lubbock honors 4-year-old hero with Capes for Crosby

Published: Jul. 8, 2022 at 9:46 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It’s been nearly a week since tragedy struck one Lubbock County family.

Four-year-old Crosby Pruitt fell into a swimming pool, and after days in the hospital, the family has elected to donate his organs.

Supporters marched at Maxey Park on Friday to remember Crosby’s life, and the life-gift he is leaving behind.

“Crosby is a true superhero,” the Spiderman from Denton said. “There’s make believe and there’s real superheroes. He’s one of the real superheroes.”

Crosby’s heroic actions come as his family makes the decision to donate his organs to save the lives of others.

Parade organizer Dianne Burnett says that’s what today was all about.

“Celebrating the decision that Crosby and his family made to have Crosby’s final mission be one that is legitimately life-giving,” Burnett said.

Crosby is obsessed with superheroes, often wearing capes wherever he goes. So Burnett says putting up a bat signal and bringing together fellow heroes was the obvious thing to do.

“Who doesn’t love superheroes,” Burnett said. “They’re out here doing big things in the world. Which is exactly what Crosby is doing.”

Now, Burnett says Crosby will become a beacon of hope for someone else, becoming one of those heroes he loved so much.

In a social media post his family said, “My superhero is really going to be one in giving life to many in hopes we can save another family/sibling from suffering the way our kiddos are.”

“Crosby was just the neatest kid,” Burnett said. “The fact that he gets to continue to live on and give life to others is just one of the best legacies that I could ever imagine possible for someone.”

That legacy will be remembered by more than just the ones who are saved by Crosby’s donations.

Those who walked in the “Capes for Crosby” parade donned their own capes, shields and flags, symbolizing what Crosby has done and how he will be remembered.

“What’s a more honorable thing to do,” The Spiderman from Denton said. “Than to leave this world helping someone else. I believe it’s amazing.”

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