Kallie Ketchersid returns home after crash left her hospitalized for 102 days

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 10:03 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It was an emotional return for Kallie Ketchersid.

The Ropes student spent months at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston after a crash back in March.

“She just started smiling and she said ‘I’ve made it I’m back home,’” Kallie’s aunt Kayci Smith said.

It was a West Texas welcome for Ketchersid.

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Ropesville residents and supporters from surrounding communities lined the streets with signs in their hands and love in their hearts.

“We did not expect the turnout that we just saw down the highway,” Smith said. “We both started bawling and crying and praising Jesus that everybody was there, but we were just so happy to be back in Ropes, too.”

Kallie spent 102 days in the hospital after she was severely injured in the crash, her mother never leaving her side.

“She wasn’t gonna let us do 103,” Smith said. “We were worried that something would happen so she said no matter what we are leaving. I said I promise we will get you out of there and her mama did, too. So we got her out.”

Kallie’s aunt Kayci says watching Kallie’s fight has been an inspiration.

“There is not a stronger person on this planet,” Smith said. “She is a true true superhero. Watching her go through everything she’s gone through with such a positive attitude. I could never do it. So she is, she’s my hero.”

For Kallie’s brothers it’s been far too long since they’ve seen their big sister.

“It was just exciting,” Rylan Ketchersid said. “We haven’t seen her in forever. I was just really happy.”

A second brother echoed his sentiment.

“It’s too long not to see one of your family members,” Tye Ketchersid said.

Her friends already have plans now that she’s back. They say Kallie wants to get her hair and nails done, get Tea2Go and go to Target.

It’s been a long road back home, but Kallie is a fighter, and with her family and friends beside her she is Kallie Strong.

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