Lubbock ISD conducts active shooter training

Lubbock ISD and city leaders are reviewing the results of a full-scale emergency training...
Lubbock ISD and city leaders are reviewing the results of a full-scale emergency training exercise.(KCBD)
Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 9:36 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 6, 2022 at 9:53 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock ISD and city leaders are reviewing the results of a full-scale emergency training exercise.

During the first half of the exercise at Monterey High School, law enforcement agencies were tested on their ability to deescalate an active shooter situation and take a suspect into custody.

The second half of the training was about reuniting kids with their parents.

“This is an opportunity to come into the most life-like scenario that we can,” Allison Matherly with the Lubbock Police Department said.

Monday’s training exercise was a product of months of organizing. It tested first responders with three different active shooter scenarios.

The first was an active shooter entering the school, the second simulated a person entering the school through a propped open door and firing shots, the third was an active shooter during a passing period.

“We know we always have the opportunity to get better,” Matherly said. “These exercises are the opportunity to do that.

That review process will be conducted over the coming weeks.

“Those things that we’ll be looking at is what went well, what quick fixes did we make in the moment, and what types of thing do we need to do moving forward to continue to improve,” Matherly said.

A large-scale exercise like this one is conducted once every three years, but Matherly says Lubbock PD is constantly training for emergency situations.

“We do regularly look at these scenarios to ensure that our officers are ready to respond at a moment’s notice,” Matherly said.

Those first responders are only one side of the coin. The other is the teachers and school staff tasked with getting students back to their parents. Which is why more emphasis was place on the reunification aspect this time around.

“This time we’re working to process not only with the staff members that will be manning the reunification to process parents and students as they come in,” Erin Gregg with Lubbock I.S.D said. “Also parents that are showing up to check-in to reunify with their child and so its as real as we’ve been able to make it.”

While Monterey was the stage for the attack training and reunification portion of the simulation, the district wants parents to know that would not be the case in a real life situation.

“That will be different depending on where the emergency is,” Gregg said. “We have agreements across town about different location that could be depending on the size of the campus and that sort of thing.”

Gregg says in a real emergency, parents should closely monitor any information coming out of the school because they will need certain things to pick up their kids.

“There is a verification process, and we want to make that as smooth as possible especially in a stressful situation like an emergency,” Gregg said. “We want to get them in, get them processed and get them connected with their student as soon as possible.”

Gregg says these training exercises help with tactical response, but they can also provide some peace of mind.

“We just want to reassure our families that safety is really important in Lubbock I.S.D,” Gregg said. “We are constantly training and practicing and working to improve our safety and security protocols and communication protocols.”

Along with testing first responders and school staff this training also had an emphasis on treatment, simulating victims being transported to city hospitals to help prepare a medical response as well.

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