Our Town: J316 Coffee, serving coffee and people oversees

Published: May. 30, 2022 at 10:58 AM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KJTV) - Downtown coffee shops have long been popular places for the young and old. In Snyder, J316 Coffee allows people to enjoy their favorite ‘Cup of Joe’ and help people in Africa at the same time.

For Pearlene Nolan, owner and founder of “His Joy Ministries,” this coffee shop is the newest venture for her.

“We started out actually as a clown ministry back in the early 90′s. And, then I retired from that a few years ago, and started a prison ministry.”

The prison ministry was put on hold in 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic. This opened the door for a new ministry opportunity.

“Then I got invited to go to Africa and changed my life. We go twice a year and oversee what we send them money for. And then, we do the outdoor street crusades, and minister to the believers,” Nolan said. “I have family there that they’re in my heart. They’re my family. I have my brothers and sisters, I have my granddaughters that are African. We just bonded, we just all bonded. I love those people.”

In addition to heating up the drink that gives everyone a much-needed spark, Nolan sees other benefits.

“It’s good for you. It is good for your insides and is good for your skin. I make a coffee soap over there, I make it in the back and it’s really good for your skin,” she says. “I make a facial scrub out of our coffee grounds that we use here. It’s really good for your skin. It’s really healthy for you.”

To sponsor a child in Uganda, go to www.hisjoyministries.org. You can also stop by J316 in Snyder as others have done to enjoy some good coffee.

“We get people from several of the states around, and they tell us this is the best coffee we ever had. I just take them at their word because I believe we do.”

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