Title IX resources for victims of sexual misconduct at TTU

Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 7:54 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The title nine office here at Texas Tech wants students to know...if you are a victim of sexual misconduct... help is available.

Title nine coordinator Kimberly Simon says... when a student reports an incident they are in full control of what comes next.

“The wheels don’t start turning until you give us the okay,” Simon says.

When a student reports an incident to Texas Tech’s Title IX office. they have a couple options. They can choose to pursuing supportive measures like counseling, academic assistance or getting out of a class that puts them in close contact with a suspect.

Alternately, they can demand a university investigation or end the process at any point.

Simon says every case is different... and must be handled with the students best interest in mind.

“It’s really important for the student to do what best for them in that moment,” Simon said. “So if you need a couple of days to sit with it and talk to a trusted friend before you want to talk to the University, that’s okay. Our policy is such that a student can come forward at any point in time whenever they’re ready to talk.” Simon went on to say, “If a student doesn’t want to talk to anyone in our office that’s also okay. We just want students to know they can talk to anyone on campus they feel comfortable with. Wherever they are in their journey that’s okay, and at any point in time that they decide they might like to involve the University there’s no time limit.”

The university claims it has been proactive in its efforts to stop incidents of sexual violence on campus.

All students are required to complete prevention education through the Risk Intervention and Safety Education, or RISE office before starting at Texas Tech.

In the end, Simon says one of the biggest goals is showing students help is available.

“We want students to do whatever is best for them to get the help that they need,” Simon said. “And to make sure that they know all the different ways they can do that.”

You can access those Tile IX resources here or use this QR code.

Title IX resources
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