Food truck community grows & gives back to Lubbock area

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Updated: Jan. 7, 2022 at 12:48 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A growing number of Lubbock foodies are trading a five course sit down meal for following food trucks around town.

Many of these small businesses have generated such a good following, the now have brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Owner of Pete’s Cooking, Pete Reimer say customers stay loyal to quality food and niche style meals.

“We just love how Lubbock responds. I mean, and there’s people like we didn’t know that Lubbock had that. Well, you know, get opened your eyes were starting to pop up. But they received us really well,” Reimer said.

Owner of Llano Cubano, Ashley Subia said folks continue to love their meals on wheels even as the temperatures drop.

“There are people that are coming out I think they just want their food anyways. So they’ll say anyway in their car, but for the most part, I mean it slowed down a bit, but not too bad,” Subia said.

Dozens of food truckers felt they should return the love to Lubbock.

For the holidays, several food trucks parked outside of YWCA to donate a quarter of their profits to underserved communities at least one thousand dollars was raised.

“You know, we we’ve been so blessed by Lubbock, Lubbock has embraced the food trucks and we want to do something to give back to Lubbock, the city that really is helping us out,” Subia said.

This Sunday, food truckers continue to give back.

Several food trucks will be parking in underserved neighborhoods and giving away hundreds of their meals.

The locations have not yet been announced. For more updates, follow your favorite food truck on social media.

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