Family holds vigil for child stuffed in backpack, left to die in trunk of vehicle

Published: Jan. 8, 2022 at 5:48 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Two years later, a family is still seeking justice for a child who was stuffed into a backpack and left to die in the trunk of a vehicle.

Marion Montoya was just 10 months old.

27-year-old Trevor Rowe has been charged with capital murder of his girlfriend’s child.

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Police say Rowe confessed that he stuffed the baby into a backpack and left her in the trunk of his vehicle for more than five hours while he was at work in early January of 2020.

The family is still mourning little Marion, who they remember as their light, and bundle of joy.

A Lubbock man has been charged with capital murder, thought to be responsible for the death of...
A Lubbock man has been charged with capital murder, thought to be responsible for the death of 10-month-old Marion Reebecca Montoya by stuffing her in a backpack and leaving her in the trunk of a vehicle.(Katrina Montoya)

Marion’s father, Emilio Montoya, said “She was a giggly, bubbly little girl who would talk for days. Even though it wasn’t really any words she would tell you how it was.”

The pandemic has set back Rowe’s trial, which could be delayed for years.

Until then, the family’s focus is to help prevent other children from falling through the cracks, before it’s too late.

Marion’s grandmother, Sheilah Montoya, said “Our goal is to keep this alive within our community, so that Marion’s memory doesn’t die, and that people do realize that this does happen to kids more often than we think.”

Marion’s father, aunt and grandmother said they saw warning signs that she was being mistreated by Rowe. Rowe and the child’s mother lived together, but he was not the father of the child.

The family is working to raise awareness about the safety of children, planning to go into community work to help other families who’ve also lost children to abuse.

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