Parents say door stops saved their kids’ lives during Michigan school shooting

Published: Dec. 8, 2021 at 3:10 PM CST
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OXFORD, Mich. (WEYI) – Parents say the deadly shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan could have been worse if not for Nightlock door barricades. Some parents say they probably saved hundreds of lives.

“It’s just overwhelming with the feeling we get knowing that we saved lives,” said Nightlock co-founder Jack Taylor.

Emotions are still high after such a traumatic event at the school, and those emotions are felt around the world.

Nightlock says they have received a number of calls from grateful parents.

“It just breaks our hearts. When we first got into this business we knew we could help. But when we started working with the schools and protecting people in schools it was a new mission,” Taylor said.

Taylor said legislation passed in Michigan in 2020 that requires door barricade devices in school for extra protection. Since then, the company has installed even more devices.

Oxford, specifically, has nearly 700 devices split across each school in their district.

Parents in the area are grateful for that law and that students know how to use the barricades.

“They do sporadic drills that aren’t even scheduled, and I think those things are important. Truthfully, I think that we were very lucky that our child was calm in the situation, but I think part of that is because they do these trainings,” said parent Carri Morris.

Taylor said the company has been selling locks to schools for nine years, but he never imagined the day, like what happened in Oxford, would come true.

“We hope that they’re never used, they’re just there for extra support. They’re there in case there’s an emergency lockdown,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the Oxford shooting was the first time that he knows of where the devices were used in an actual active shooter event, but he says he’s happy they were there to help and save lives.

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