Hockley County Sheriff warns of financial scam

Hockley Co. Sheriff warns of financial scam
Hockley Co. Sheriff warns of financial scam(Hockley County Sheriff's Office)
Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 2:37 PM CST
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HOCKLEY COUNTY, Texas (KCBD) - The Hockley County Sheriff wants to warn citizens of a financial scam that could hit your mailbox.

On Monday, a concerned citizen took an official-looking package he received in the mail which contained a letter and a check for $2,640.

The letter instructed the recipient to deposit the check and keep $500 in “commission.” Then the letter says to go to two Walmart stores and purchase two gift cards for $500 each. Then the letter instructs the recipient to text or email a photograph of the scratched-off information on the Walmart cards to the company. If you send that information, the company will have access to the funds on the cards immediately.

The letter states if the recipient acts quickly, and completes a survey, they can keep an additional $100, which makes the total to keep $600.

When you total up the amount of the commission, gift cards, and bonus, it does not total the amount of the check given.

Sheriff Scifres says the letter is full of grammar and sentence structure issues - which is a red flag.

“We tell you this in order to let you know several things,” said Chief Scifres in a Facebook post. “First, scammers are changing tactics to carry out the same old scam. They are mailing official-looking checks via US Mail in order to have you deposit a check that is no good and the check bounces after you spend the $2,000 for gift cards making you out the money. Second... it’s a scam. Third, always read the letter. If it looks like a 3rd grader tried to write an official document, then it is a scam.”

If you receive something that looks like this and you have doubts about the authenticity, you’re urged to notify the Sheriff’s Office. Do not cash the checks. If you do, the options are limited.

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