Antelopes player chasing family tradition under father’s coaching

Abernathy wide-out Anthony White
Abernathy wide-out Anthony White
Published: Oct. 23, 2021 at 12:39 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Abernathy junior wide-out Anthony White has cracked the door on a path to the next level of competition.

It’s been a long road, but he’s been lucky enough to have footsteps he can follow.

Since the first time he suited up, White has had a special connection with the game of football. It’s one passed down through generations and fueled his motivation to be great.

“I was just looking up to my parents and my grandparents everybody played football it was juts through the whole family,” White said. “I liked it because my dad coached me and he’s still here. Shoulder pads, flag football, we’ve just been together the whole way.”

Anthony’s father, Corey White, has been coaching him since the beginning. Now, he’s a receivers and defensive backs coach for the Antelopes.

His goal? To help his son keep the family’s tradition alive.

Anthony’s grandfather and uncle played at Oklahoma. Another uncle played at Texas Tech, and his father laced em’ up at Eastern New Mexico University.

“We always tell him there’s no pressure, but you have big shoes to fill,” Corey said. “It’s a family tree that we have going on here and its just an honor to keep that family tree going.”

Anthony says knowing his family’s history is one of the biggest inspirations for him to be successful on the field.

“It motivates me like crazy,” White said. “Just knowing that I have my parent and grandparent that went to the next level. It makes me want to be there to be in my dad’s footsteps and be just like him both on the field and off the field.”

Anthony and his father share a special bond, built on the gridiron, and along the way even Corey had lessons to learn.

“It’s a great experience being with him every single day. We used to butt heads all the time because I used to take some of the stuff from football practice home and it kinda conflicted with our relationship,” Corey said. “I talked to a great counselor and head coach of mine, he told me, ‘Man, when you get done with any sport, don’t take that home, because it can ruin your relationship.’ Ever since then, whatever stays on the field stays on the field. When we go home, I’m just a dad.”

While it may be business on the field, White says he’s always got a dad before coach.

“He’ll always be a dad first,” White said. “It’s just amazing knowing if I mess up he’s still there, if I do good he’s still there, anything I do he’s still there.”

Now as a junior, he’s seeing the results from years of coaching and hard work. He’s received offers from UTSA and Pittsburgh, and is getting looks from TCU and Baylor. White says receiving the offers shows how far he’s come since the first time he put on shoulder pads as a kid.

“Knowing that I put a lot of work in, me and my dad since I was little, it’s crazy how it is now,” White said. “I just got an offer, and it makes me ready, because they see what I’ve got now.”

White’s father says he’s enjoyed watching his son progress since he started playing the game and says seeing his son receive offers from multiple programs has taken some weight off both of their shoulders.

“I’ve been coaching him since he was two years old, and to actually coach him in high school as well, it’s like a dream come true,” Corey said. “To see him get those offers, it’s like we finally got some relief off our shoulders.”

Anthony says he wants to follow the same path as his grandfather and uncle and become an Oklahoma Sooner.

“My dream school is Oklahoma. My grandpa played there, and I always grew up as an OU fan and I always wanted to be there.”

As Anthony continues his own journey, he knows one of his greatest resources - his father - will be by his side.

“It’s really good to have him on the field with me because he knows a lot, and all I have to do is listen to him and it’s gonna make me a better player.” White said.

While White is following in his family’s footsteps in some ways, he continues to carve his own path under the Friday night lights.

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