Our Town: Wolfforth Police Department

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 2:16 PM CDT
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WOLFFORTH, Texas (KJTV) - Change is on the way in Wolfforth, and the man at the center of all that change is Wolfforth Police Chief and Assistant City Manager Rick Scott.

“That’s almost a daily discussion around here. How we adjust to take care of this new growth.”

New growth: 6,500 residents now with 15,000 within the next five to 10 years. Change is definitely on the way in Wolfforth. Rick Scott is at the center of it all. He’s the Chief of Police and Assistant City Manager. Right now, the acting City Manager, that’s one of the positions to be filled. As Rick about doubling in size and you’ll get a smile.

“I get excited about it. I’m very excited about it, and I’ve lived in this town for 26 years, so you know- back in the day, we were a two police officer town. We have quite a few more than that nowadays, but to see that growth and be a part of that growth is exciting for me!”

On the flip side, there is some fear involved as well.

“When you face this type of growth, the issues you face every day... New issues. Issues we didn’t have to deal with five years ago. Sometimes, it’s a daunting task.”

But it’s a task Rick Scott and his staff is ready for. There are challenges for his police department. How to handle increased traffic and how to handle new construction sites.

“Typically when you see new construction, sometimes those areas could be targets for burglars. How we address our patrol and shift our patrol to these areas to address those issues.”

Wolfforth is considered a suburb of Lubbock. A part of the Lubbock metropolitan statistical area. Rick has asked recently why not let Wolfforth get absorbed by Lubbock?

“I love our town. Lubbock’s a good town, don’t get me wrong! But, I like being separate. It’s a different atmosphere out here. It’s more personable in my opinion. We got a good community. Good city employees and the feel of it is different out here. And while it is, it still has that ‘small town feel’. You’re close enough to Lubbock if you don’t have what you need here, and you can still go into Lubbock, but you still have that ‘small town vibe’ to it, and that’s what I enjoy.

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