Good Samaritan helps deputies track down Amber Alert suspect killed in pursuit with authorities

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 11:45 AM CDT
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HILL COUNTY, Texas (KWTX/Gray News) – A man in Texas said he alerted sheriff’s deputies after spotting a registered sex offender accused of abducting two children.

According to KWTX, an Amber Alert was issued early Saturday morning stating 34-year-old Randall Thurman was accused of taking 8-year-old Jessi Lowery and her brother, 7-year-old Cody Lowery, from their home Friday night.

Hill County authorities were told Thurman was in the area after Cody was found at a convenience store off the highway.

Officers at the scene told KWTX the boy ran to the convenience store seeking help after he had been bound with clear packing tape wrapped around his throat and arms.

Cody told officers that a “Randall” had removed him from a car and wrapped him in tape before fleeing with Jessi.

Tracy Martin said his son told him authorities were investigating the area, so he decided to check on his property. While looking around he drove up on a vehicle similar to the one described in the Amber Alert, a silver-colored Chrysler 200.

“I see a little girl in the car looking at me,” Martin said. “Then I see a man on the other side crouched down, looking over the hood at me.”

He recognized both and turned his vehicle around. But as he was doing that, Thurman jumped in his vehicle and tried to hit Martin.

Martin followed Thurman for about five miles.

“I chased him down to a dead-end road with the sheriffs on the phone,” Martin said. “We got them to the location where he was.”

Law enforcement pursued Thurman until he crashed into an oncoming vehicle a few miles later, killing another driver and himself.

“Based on the actions of the driver, deputies believe the maneuver to have been intentional,” the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities said Jessi was conscious after the wreck and was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Investigators have not yet provided an update on her condition.

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