Our Town: The Pioneer Museum in Tahoka

Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 12:43 PM CDT
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TAHOKA, Texas (KJTV) - One of the best kept secrets in Tahoka; The Pioneer Museum.

“Tahoka was established in 1903, but it was incorporated in 1915 and it has a lot of history from Tahoka in there about the agricultural community and how things were.”

Part of the way things were shows the history of the agriculture community, including an incredible mural painted by Tahoka native, the late Bill Craig.

“And its a live painting of some Comanche Indians along the Tahoka Lake. And in front of the mural that’s in the corner is some live mounted animals that are from Tahoka , that represent the area.”

They even had to modify the museum to accommodate one of their prized possessions — the top of a windmill.

“You pass windmills all the time especially in West Texas and you see them from the highway and they look so small at the top. You get an actual top of the windmill into that building and you get to see how big those blades actually are.”

A group of Tahoka residents who have lived a great deal of that history call the Senior Center home. The better part of last year was spent renovating the center. They dressed up the building and improved the services they provide.

“What they do is they cook for our seniors lunch, they deliver lunch, a hot healthy lunch everyday to our senior citizens in town. And it’s also a place that our seniors can come and gather and have fellowship and maybe play some card games or dominos and just really kind of have something to do to break up there day.”

Both of these facilities designed to give residents pride in their community.

“We have a good school district, we’ve got a good town, we’ve got a great county courthouse. So Tahoka needs to come up and meet the county and meet the school, and we all need to be at the same caliber and work together.”

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