Our Town: Revitalizing Tahoka

Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 2:42 PM CDT
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TAHOKA, Texas (KJTV) - Where family values and community spirit reside. That’s what you’ll find when you head to the county seat of Lynn County: Tahoka. City Administrator Julie Arrington is working hard to being Tahoka back to life.

“We’ve got some downtown properties that are dilapidated and need some help and we’ve got this beautiful courthouse in the middle of it all. So we need to make sure that the buildings around the courthouse compliment the courthouse and it’s charm and it’s beauty,” said Arrington.

Tahoka has hired Retail Strategies, a company out of Alabama to help in the revitalization of downtown. After extensive research, they will give their report in September, but they’re not waiting to get to work, planning to make the courthouse the focal point of the city.

“Build around it and make it inviting for business to come down and bring businesses, which brings employment to Tahoka, which also helps the tax base cause it gets into the sales tax and commercial property tax where we don’t have to rely so much on the residential home tax.”

Their plan takes teamwork, everyone working together, starting with next months Harvest Festival, held around the courthouse.

“Everything we’re doing into Tahoka right now ties into everything else it’s all connected. But yes Harvest festival will be a great thing to have downtown and especially next year when we get some things rolling and get some things moving. And be able to show off what we’ve done.”

Arrington was born and raised in Carrolton, and has only been on the job since February. In this short time, she has fallen in love with the city and it’s people.

“My city secretary and Utility billing clerk, Beverly and Ritha, made sure I was dressed properly for todays interview so you get that kind of hometown feel in Tahoka and everyone takes care of everybody you know so they wanted to make sure I was perfect to represent there city. I’ve got a great council that wants to bring Tahoka back and do things for Tahoka. I’ve got a great community that’s right behind that and with all of us working together there’s nothing we can’t do!”

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