Our Town: Tahoka ISD Superintendent Tori Price

Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 11:56 AM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KJTV) - Meet Tori Price, the new superintendent of schools for Tahoka. Most recently in Stamford, Price brings a winning attitude to Tahoka. And speaking of winning, one of his main goals is to win the Lone Star Cup.

“The Lone Star cup is where the best academic and athletic school in 2A. You get points based on that and so everything we do great the further we on into the playoffs and athletics, if we can do great in UIL academics. We get points - we win the Lone Star Cup,” he said.

Price believes in teamwork and togetherness…and to help achieve that, a brand new slogan:

“When I talk to our staff I always talked about together. I felt like our campuses weren’t together, we weren’t all working together. I just kept using the word together, together, together, and so I told them were going to have a hashtag together. Then I started really thinking about it and I though lets do #TBW that means Together Bulldogs Win.”

Price is also working to instill school pride, and to help achieve that, the district is undergoing a major facelift

“When I got here they were in the process of building a new gym, a new field house, a new baseball and softball complex. We’re almost in completion of those projects. Since I’ve got here, we’re tearing up the track, redoing the track, and we’re renovating the high school.”

The winds of change are blowing hard in Tahoka. A new school superintendent, a new city administrator, and an ever improving hospital district.

“So if we can come together and work together to do great things for Tahoka, then it’s going to make this community great.”

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