WATCH: Injured Police Sgt. Shawn Wilson goes home 2 weeks after Levelland SWAT standoff

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 2:02 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Levelland Police Sgt. Shawn Wilson was released from a rehab facility on Thursday, 14 days after a SWAT standoff in Levelland.

The Levelland Police Department and the Hockley County Sheriff’s Office were there to greet him as he left the facility in Lubbock.

There were cheers, tears and hugs as Wilson walked out of the facility with a walker. He seemed surprised and humbled by the support of his colleagues. Levelland Police Chief Albert Garcia was first in line to hug Wilson.

“I mean, what a great day today to have Sgt. Wilson coming out of the hospital today. He’s getting to go home. He’s improving daily. Everyone got to see him actually taking some of his first steps,” Garcia said.

Sgt. Wilson was one of the law enforcement officers injured in the standoff.

“I know that he’s not one that’s going to give up. He’s not going to let this tragic event define him and he’s not going to let this suspect beat him on this,” Garcia said.

“Shows how strong Shawn is as a person, as an individual, his heart of a true public servant. He’s already talking about wanting to come back to work and he’s excited. He’s ready to go home. I think this is a good sign for our agencies, particularly for the police department and for our community,” Hockley County Sheriff Ray Scifres said.

That good sign comes as officers recover from the hours-long standoff.

“While not everyone was physically injured, we do have a lot of mental-type injuries that are happening right now. And we’re working through those right now. Our department is getting stronger every day as well,” Garcia said.

The community has been by their side all along the way.

“When we say back the blue, it’s just not a little hashtag that we’re trying to put out there. Back the blue is alive and well here in West Texas,” Garcia said.

“We’re stopped. There are waves. There are well wishes. There are blessings. And I think it, how do you measure that?” Scifres said.

After Wilson’s community lined up to hug the sergeant, he left them with a promise.

“Well it feels like maybe I need a speech or something like that. Thank y’all, seriously. This has been a journey. I’ll be back soon. I’ll be back soon,” Wilson said.

Garcia says the next step for Wilson is outpatient physical therapy for the next several months. Then, when Wilson feels ready, Levelland police will welcome him back to don the badge.

Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Josh Bartlett was shot in the neck and killed; Levelland Police Sgt. Shawn Wilson was shot in the head and rushed to the hospital.

On the day of Sgt. Bartlett’s funeral, Sgt. Wilson posted on social media how he wished he could go to the funeral to honor Bartlett.

“He leaves behind a family who I know has to be hurting more than I imagine they are. Please pray for the Bartlett family and please take care of them. Don’t forget about them after he has been buried.”

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