Our Town: Seminole Hotworx

Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 1:54 PM CDT
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SEMINOLE, Texas (KJTV) - Seminole has proven to be a good hub for a successful business for a farmer and his wife. In fact, his battle with cancer inspired him to own HotWorx gym in the area.

David Bergan is originally from Seminole. His wife Vicki is from a larger town. They both agree there are advantages to having a business in a smaller community.

“Owning a business...it’s easy, because you just know everybody,” David said. “You feel comfortable and confident engaging with everyone who walks through the door.”

Vicki says Seminole is unique.

“We have very hard-working, honest people who are dedicated. And they’re not scared of hard work,” Vicki said. “To be in a business where hard work pays off, in this special community, is very nice.”

David says his primary source of income is farming. “You know, that takes me 15, 20 minutes to get to the farm. It’s not so insane with traffic and distance like you would get in a big city or a suburb, have to drive clear across town. So managing a small business on top of our family operation...it just works.”

Seminole may be small. But they’re actually record-setters.

“We’re very blessed the first day we opened sales, the community supported us so much that we were able to set a high record of 140 sales in one day,” Vicki said. “And that’s still the highest in HotWorx.”

Even David admits that the initial thought of working out in 130-degree temperatures didn’t sound very inviting. But he has personally discovered the benefits.

“I was a cancer survivor, four years prior,” David said. “Just never felt completely clean and healthy. And it was a total God thing. We started working out and I began to feel clean. Detox. It was almost as if I got a second kidney back.”

There are many lessons learned from owning this business. One of those came during the COVID shut-down, Vicki says.

“When we had to close down last year, and we were able to open up again, people sincerely came ‘how are you doing, how’s your business doing, I want you to succeed, I don’t want this to break you’. And that support is just priceless.”

And this business continues to thrive in Seminole.

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