Stranger 'pays it forward' for a Frenship teacher

Stranger 'pays it forward' for a Frenship teacher

LUBBOCK, Texas -

The start of the school year is just around the corner. Teachers are putting in extra time, effort, and money to get their classrooms ready to go. Kristie Gilmore is one of those educators. 

She teaches fourth grade at Frenship ISD. She went to the store this week to stock up on supplies with the intention to pay out of her own pocket.

While in line to check out, she started talking to a man behind her.

"He saw my basket full of teaching items and started quizzing me as to being a teacher," Gilmore said.

Before Gilmore could even ask the man what his name was, he took her by surprise. 

"Then all of the sudden he said, 'well, I'm going to pay for your purchases today,'" Gilmore said. 

At first she denied the offer, but he was persistent. 

"He said God's asking me to do this for you today and I just burst into tears," Gilmore said.

After thanking him, Gilmore wanted to ask the man if there was anything she could do for him. He did have one request. His wife has dementia. So in return, he simply asked for prayers. 

"I said I would definitely do that," Gilmore said.

While she may not ever know this mans name, it is a moment that will continue to inspire her as an educator. 

"He will never know how he reached me yesterday," Gilmore said. "How his act of kindness has restored so much, faith in mankind and what I'm doing."

Gilmore plans to tell her kids the first day of class about this strangers gift. She said is the perfect example of being a kind, good person. She also asks others to join her in praying for this man and his wife.

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