Visiting judge to hear arguments over records tied to Leach firi

Visiting judge to hear arguments over records tied to Leach firing

LUBBOCK, Texas -

A PR firm's lawsuit against Texas Tech over Mike Leach's 2009 firing will go to a Lubbock courtroom next month.

Dolcefino Consulting claims the university ripped Leach off, to the tune of about $2.5 million. It's been filing against the university for years, on numerous fronts. Wayne Dolcefino is pictured in the attached image, from arguments a year ago in Lubbock.

Wednesday's filings follow a lawsuit from January 2018. Lubbock District Judge Bill Sowder recused himself. Amarillo Judge John Board will serve as a visiting judge in Sowder's court.

Docefino claims the university is violating the state's public information act, by not releasing the communications and e-mails the firm has requested. The firm indicates it's trying to get Tech on the record about Leach's firing.

Attorneys for the university claim it has fulfilled its obligations under state code and Dolcefino does not have a case to stand on.

Their motion to quash, if granted, would prevent Dolcefino from a court order requiring Texas Tech to appear under oath, and essentially would throw out the case.

The hearing is set for June 7.

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