Ride of Silence reminds drivers to 'share the road'

Ride of Silence reminds drivers to 'share the road'

Internationally, Wednesday, riders were on a silent procession to honor lives lost on the road. 

"We have had five people lost on West Texas roads this year including David Nelson," West Texas Cycling Association President Justin Houser said.

Dozens of Lubbock cyclists embarked on a ride unlike any they have done this year. 

"It really affected a lot of people in our club," Houser said.

The former councilmen being one of those victims. David Nelson was a part of the West Texas Cycling Association and helped create initiatives for cyclists. 

"It's harder in the county because often you get roads that are barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass," Houser said.

Houser said it has been a difficult year and admits many riders gave it up after Nelson's death.

"There is no accident between a car and bicycle where the bicycle comes out on top," Houser said.

But Houser will continue to ride and create awareness around cycling safety. 

"All I can ask is that people can keep their eyes open, the text message that you're looking at right now, the phone call, whatever happens to be the distraction, it's not worth the life that you could take," Houser said. "It's not worth your life, it's not worth the life of the person on the side of the road."

The ride also is a reminder to the cyclists to take every precaution they can to protect themselves. The participants rode 11 miles in silence, starting and ending on Texas Tech campus. 

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