Lubbock police officer continues fight with kidney cancer, sayin

Lubbock police officer continues fight with kidney cancer, saying it's a team effort

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

For Lubbock Police Officer Felipe Flores, his battle against kidney cancer continues. 

He had emergency surgery to remove a tumor on his left kidney, but he says the cancer has now spread to his lungs. 

However, he said the overwhelming support he has received shows he is not alone in this fight.

"It's a humbling experience to know you have so many people care about you and your family. I love them to death," Flores said.

Officers Corey Williams and Cecil Garcia have set up a GoFundMe page called Faith For Flores, as well as a fundraiser, as extensions of their support towards Officer Flores and his family. 

Patrol Sergeant Garcia said they have raised about $6,000 so far with the GoFundMe page alone. 

"We've done a lot better than we thought we would. The GoFundMe is still up and running. It's under Faith For Flores. We'll just continue to support him in whatever he needs. That's what we're here for," Garcia said.

If you are interesting helping Officer Flores in his fight against kidney cancer, here is the link to the GoFundMe page.

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