Lubbock Partnership Network hires executive principal; she says

Lubbock Partnership Network hires executive principal; she says college prep is the key

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Lubbock Partnership Network's plan to restore East Lubbock schools is taking shape.

When Cicely Alexander was named executive principal of the Lubbock Partnership Network Tuesday, she said she highlighted one thing that needed to change. 

"We want to ensure that our students are college ready. Estacado High School already has a phenomenal early college program, so we want to make sure all of our students are on grade level as far as reading, so that they can be prepared to go to the next level," Alexander said.

The network includes the Estacado feeder system, which are Alderson, Ervin, and Hodges elementary schools, as well as Dunbar Prep. 

With Dunbar's failing test scores, Alexander said the 'old way' was waiting until it was too late, but 'her way' is to do the exact opposite: Focus on the elementary schools.

"Sometimes they derive from students not aware they need to be early on, so having that focus on early literacy, we are hoping that will help fill some of those academic gaps," Alexander said.

She said she is confident this will help bring out the best in these students.

"We have so many smart students. They're kind of like a diamond in the rough, so I want them to realize the potential that they have," Alexander said.

Alexander said she has one demand in this plan: Unity.

"I want Lubbock ISD, I want the Lubbock Partnership Network schools, and I also want the community, parents, everyone to come together and get on the same page for the sake of our students," Alexander said.

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