Tornado spares Tahoka, damages farmer's homestead

Tornado spares Tahoka, damages farmer's homestead

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TAHOKA, Texas -

The severe weather from this weekend included hail, power outages and multiple tornadoes in our area. Meteorologist Justin Weaver said the storm staying out of the Tahoka city limits lessened damage. 

One of the rural properties hit was John Hawthorne's. He is busy repairing extensive equipment damage, a flooded bedroom and roof damage. He returned home Sunday night thinking his dogs were gone, but they were safe inside a container waiting for the storm to pass. 

Fortunately, he is getting a little bit of help from his friends. Now the county is assessing the damage and just how bad the storm was.

"Were the trees uprooted or were they snapped off? Were the power poles knocked over or snapped off? What kind of damage occurred to the few homes that were damaged? Those are the things we will be looking at," Weaver said. 

Bill Schoemann is with the Lynn County Emergency Management team. They are spreading far and wide to assess and classify the damage. 

"If there are immediate needs we are making sure that they are addressed.  We are in touch with the Salvation Army and Red Cross and working here in the community," Schoemann said. 

The hope is for public property to be assessed by the middle of the week. 

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