Lemonade Day: Kids across Lubbock raising money to make a differ

Lemonade Day: Kids across Lubbock raising money to make a difference

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lemonade Day has been a Lubbock tradition for nearly a decade, and one family has run a stand since the very beginning. 

Amanda Kuhn and her family are eight years into the lemonade business, and each year, they pick a different cause to support.

This year, they decided to choose something that hits close to home.

"One of the big things they've learned is that with their profits, they spend some, they save some of their money, and they're taught to pick something to share their money with. We own rescue dogs and we love puppies, so my daughter chose the animal shelter to have an equal share of the profits from their stand," Kuhn said.

She says this eight-year experience has taught both her and her children that this is more than just selling lemonade and making a profit.

"They are inspired to realize that they're doing this for themselves, but also for something bigger than themselves, as well as realize that they have their own money, even at a young age, they can earn, work hard, and it can pay off for them, and then they can make a difference with their efforts. What they're doing helps them and other people," Kuhn said.

Mayor Dan Pope has been a customer at the Kuhn lemonade stand for several years now, saying he has seen these kids grow it into something bigger than Lemonade Day.

"I think it's the full circle. It teaches them about business. It teaches them this idea that you provide for others with the money you make. You take care of yourself first, but there's some to give away," Pope said.

At the end of the day, Mayor Pope said it just goes to show how inspiring it can be to see kids across Lubbock making this big of a difference for the community.

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