Look Around Lubbock: Wellness Lubbock

Look Around Lubbock: Wellness Lubbock

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Wellness Lubbock offers services to help minimize the time gap between the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Some of Wellness Lubbock's services include breast imaging with Aurora Breast MRI, bone density testing for osteoporosis detection, and core needle breast biopsy. The Wellness Lubbock dedicated breast magnetic resonance imaging is designed from the beginning specifically for breast anatomy, unlike whole-body MRI systems that require after-market modifications. A bone density test is a measurement of the density of the minerals in your bones. Image guided core needle breast biopsy using local anesthesia increases the accuracy of diagnosis as well as reduces the scar associated with breast biopsy. A diagnostic ultrasound is a supplemental tool for breast cancer screening for women with dense breasts or uncertain mammogram results. 

Wellness Lubbock is located at: 4009 19th Street Suite E.

For more information: http://www.wellnesslubbock.com/.

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