Texas House passes "Born Alive" abortion bill; Lubbock politicia

Texas House passes "Born Alive" abortion bill; Lubbock politicians react

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Texas House passed House Bill 16, called the "Born Alive" abortion bill Tuesday.

It is intended to protect infants who survive an abortion.

It would also allow parents to sue doctors who do not provide medical care under those circumstances.

However, there were no reports of infants being "born alive" between 2013 and 2016, according to the Health and Human Services Commission.

As a result, some democratic legislators said they believe this is more of a political message than an actual bill.

In a statement, the chairman of the Lubbock County Democratic Party called it a solution to an imaginary problem..

"Only a truly perverted mind would think our good Texas doctors are killing babies born alive, and to give further credence to this idea only legitimizes such nonsense," John Gibson said. 

On the other hand, the chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party, Steve Evans, said they are simply trying to protect the rights of unborn children. 

"If you told me you're only going to get one bill passed and this is it, I'm still going to champion the bill because it still serves to protect the life and discourage the physician from performing that abortion, so if that's what it does and that's the only bill we can get through the legislature, then I'm going to champion it," Evans said. 

In a statement, Lubbock Representative Dustin Burrows said he voted for this legislation to protect Texas' most vulnerable.

He added abortion survivors deserve the same medical care given to any other child born at a hospital.

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