'Complete Fragment' welcomes visitors to the new University Cent

'Complete Fragment' welcomes visitors to the new University Center Building

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The newest public art installation at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is encouraging visitors to unwind and let go of everyday stresses.

"Complete Fragment" by James Surls, consists of three bronze and stainless steel sculptures ranging in size from eight to 12 feet. It can be viewed outside the north entrance of the TTUHSC building. Surls said he chose this concept because it gives the viewer a visual choice of having three different pieces to see, making each a complete fragment of the whole.

"But I do want to give them a handle. I did title it. It is called Complete Fragment, they should ask themselves about that, what it means. That's a handle, like on a frying pan. I'm giving them a hint. I want them to feel good about it," he said.

This is the ninth public art piece on the Health Sciences Center campus. Surls is best known for large sculptures with a close connection to nature and raw materials.

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