Texas to require students to learn cursive this fall

Texas to require students to learn cursive this fall

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Starting next school year, students in Texas will be required to start learning cursive in second grade.

At Lubbock ISD, students begin learning this writing style in third grade.

Two years ago, the state Board of Education modified the English, language arts and reading requirements. This requirement is set to begin in the fall.

"Second grade with the new standards next year is really just focusing on letter formation," Lori Greaves, of Lubbock ISD, said."Then third grade, it will build on letters and sentences, and fourth grade to the composition."

Without cursive, there are limitations, she said.

"That makes it difficult, especially when they get into social studies, looking at historical documents, they aren't always able to read them, so it's good that they've had that exposure," Greaves said.

Currently, 15 minutes are dedicated to handwriting in second grade each day, and teachers should be able to fit in cursive just fine, she said.

"We can't go straight, "OK, everything pencil paper again,' but we've got to balance using that technology and typing and the writing," she said. 

Lubbock Cooper will change cursive teaching from third to second grade as well. Frenship ISD, however, will not need to make any adjustments, as it changed its cursive curriculum to begin in second grade nearly six years ago.

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