Activists want East Lubbock after-hours clubs closed

Activists want East Lubbock after-hours clubs closed

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

So far, there has been seven homicides in Lubbock this year. One of them in East Lubbock. While the killings are not specific to just one area in our city, activists say one life is too many. 

When Stephen Sanders, a former candidate for mayor heard about another shooting at an after-hours club in East Lubbock, he chose to take action. 

Sanders held a rally at Mae Simmons Community Center to send a message throughout the city. He believes the "Hitchen Post" off East Broadway is the root of the problem.

"Those places need to be shut down, flat out," Sanders said. "They need to be gone because when people die then that's a problem."

He said he wants city leaders to do something about it. 

"I'm here today to stand against those people who are causing those problems and also condoning these problems," Sanders said. "It's not okay to take lives. It's not okay to leave mothers without their children." 

Lubbock Police said it is hard to shut down those types of businesses. After all, these after-hour clubs do not have a liquor license and are not selling drinks. So they are not violating any laws. 

The suspect from that early morning Sunday shooting is charged with murder. If you have any information related to the killing, call crime line at 741-1000. You can remain anonymous. 

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