Legacy Play Village to tear down and rebuild new playground

Legacy Play Village to tear down and rebuild new playground

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The legacy for Legacy Play Village will live on, but patience will be required.

"We are going to have this existing facility torn down so then we'll have a blank canvas to start on when we begin to plan out the construction for next year," Metcalf said.

Zoe Metcalf leads the rebuild committee for Legacy Play Village.

She said one of the pressing issues they will try to fix with this blank canvas is a lack of accessibility. 

"Small children, children in wheelchairs, children who have trouble transitioning from one level to another, everyone, there will be something for everyone," Metcalf said.

Metcalf said the plan is to have the tear-down done in June, and construction for the new village next year.

She added this will go hand in hand with the renovations planned for McAlister Park. 

"Randy Christian is heading up that McAlister Park project, and he has brought together a group of community folk to participate in that, calling it the Friends of McAlister Park, and he has invited Legacy Play Village to participate in that effort," Metcalf said.

Both the Legacy Play Village and McAlister park projects are seeking private donations to get the necessary funding.

There is no concrete timeline for the McAlister Park renovations.

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