Women building construction industry

Women building construction industry

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LUBBOCK, Texas - When talking about women's rights, you usually hear about breaking the glass ceiling. Women are 'building' the ceiling in the construction industry. 

"He's my hero, he helped build this. He helped build me," Assistant Superintendent at Hoar Construction, Barbara Mott said.
Her father laid the foundation for her to get into construction.

"You know what, probably when I was sixteen years old I was going out there and helping dad pick up stakes," Mott said.

According to the National Association of Women in Construction, about one in ten people are women in the construction industry. With Mott's help, the number is rising.

"That is amazing to be a pioneer or to encourage other young women or women to get in this field," Mott said.

Mott said she's never had a problem with respect from her male co-workers.

"Sometimes you run across where people aren't quite sure how to take a woman on a construction job site, but you know what, you just commit to it, and you get out there and you communicate with them openly, you be honest, you try to understand what they're doing, you talk to them about their specialty, and it's amazing what happens," Mott said.

She said she's had to act tough in front of the guys, to hide some fear. She's in charge of monitoring the exterior build of the Encompass South Plains Rehabilitation Hospital. That includes the roof.

"With my tiny bit of fear of heights, it was coming the day, it was time to go up there, and the roofers show up and I'm sitting there going, oh my god, I don't want to look like, you know, a girl, I just got to get up there and do it," Mott said.

For women wanting to get into the field, Mott said, "You know what, just do it. Just get out here and do it. Be confident, be strong, and come out here and just let who you are shine through."

But she does have one word of warning, "Try being in a port-o-potty when you got wind speeds gusting up to 50 and 60 miles per hour, that will scare you," Mott said.

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