City council to evaluate alcohol sold in city parks

City council to evaluate alcohol sold in city parks

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LUBBOCK, Texas - Lubbock's City Council delayed the vote on the proposal that would allow buying and drinking alcohol at several places in town including the Meadow-Brook Golf Course at Mackenzie Park, Bayer Museum of Agriculture, Moonlight Musicals Amphitheater, West Texas Walk of Fame and Buddy Holly Plaza, and the Buddy Holly Recreational Area. In order for an event to allow alcohol, there would be special permits, it must have at least one-thousand attendees, and be sponsored by Visit Lubbock, Market Lubbock, Civic Lubbock, or the City. 

Don Caldwell, Broadway Festivals, Inc. President, said selling alcohol at Mackenzie Park would give that space a larger purpose and put Lubbock on a level playing field with other big cities when it comes to concerts.

"Promoters are not going to come into an area where they couldn't sell alcohol, so to sell tickets, they are going to have to have alcohol sales," Caldwell said.

"We need to beat our chest about how great music we have, local music flavor, so this could enhance that with our beautiful great outdoor weather," District 3 Councilman, Jeff Griffith said.

The committee for Fourth on Broadway has experimented with alcohol sales in the past, when it was allowed, but it wasn't a huge attraction.

"We don't want anything that deters people from coming. That's why we strive every year to make that fourth of July day free to the public, so we don't want to do anything that would make people hesitant to come down there," Caldwell said. 

Both Caldwell and Griffith didn't have many concerns. 

"There will be the same amount of risk that you'd normally expect any time that you have alcohol consumption," Caldwell said.

"With the proper control mechanisms in effect, if could be a really fun event," Griffith said. 

Council has tabled the issue indicating there are things to discuss and likely change in the next council meeting. 

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