McMahan: New regents signal clear shift in priorities

McMahan: New regents signal clear shift in priorities

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Last August, reports indicated the Texas Tech Board of Regents forced Chancellor Robert Duncan to resign.

However, some donors started wondering if he was pushed out for political motives.

Prominent Lubbock developer George McMahan was disinvited from a fundraiser for Gov. Abbott later that month.

"I made the comment back then that you had to have made a large donation to the campaign to be appointed as a regent, and I think you still have to," McMahan said.

Gov. Abbott denied these claims during his visit and pledged to appoint the next regents as members who are familiar with the university.

"I want to make sure that we appoint regents who attended one of the universities in the system, second, I look for various different types of diversity. When it comes to geographic diversity, that would seem to include Lubbock," Abbott said.

Now, all three new members, Ginger Kerrick, Mark Griffin, and Dusty Womble, are Tech graduates.

McMahan said this is a step in the right direction of putting the university over politics. 

"It's really gratifying to see regents appointed because of donations to the university and not to the campaign," McMahan said.

He said Tech has done well with regents outside of Lubbock before, but he added, with Lubbock natives and Tech grads serving on the board, the difference is clear. 

"It's still important to have a couple of regents living in Lubbock to get the feel of what's going on here. Just going to the basketball game and feeling that excitement. Dustin sits down on the court and he's there every game," McMahan said.

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