Investigator presents approach on sex trafficking crimes at semi

Investigator presents approach on sex trafficking crimes at seminar

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A sex trafficking investigator hopes to change law enforcer's views about sex trafficking crimes as prostitution and instead as organized crimes.

McLennan County Deputy Joseph Scaramucci presented his "victim-centric" approach at a sex trafficking seminar held at Lubbock Christian University. Scaramucci said these types of crimes are all around us and said especially to be on the look out at hotels and motels. 

"Another issue is the illicit massage business -- obviously not to be confused with legitimate ones -- but it's happening every day out of those, in shopping center and strip malls in front of everybody," he said.

Kristin Murray, Executive Director of Voice of Hope, said instinct is worth something and to report any instances that may seem wrong. 

"Just don't turn a blind eye," she said. "No one realizes that if something's going on and you're uncomfortable, that somebody probably needs your help."

There were 37 cases of human trafficking in Lubbock last year, according to the Rape Crisis Center. There are many ways to report, including support services.

You can contact the Voice of Hope hotline at: 806-763-7273 

Texas Tech University also offers a crisis Helpline at: 806-742-5555

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