Tahoka Volunteer Fire Department adds a new tender to fleet

Tahoka Volunteer Fire Department adds a new tender to fleet

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TAHOKA, Texas -

(Press Release)

Tahoka Volunteer Fire Department replaces an older model truck with a 2018 water tender thanks to a cost share grant through the Texas A&M Forest Service Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program.

“We appreciate receiving an HB2604 grant to help purchase our new fleet addition,” said Fire Chief Bryan Reynolds. “The Freightliner chassis with its 1,500-gallon water tank, drop tank of equal volume, 15-gallon foam tank and front bumper water monitor is an upgrade from the truck it is replacing.”

Reynolds states that the new tender can carry three firefighters, will be safer and gives them greater access to fires in difficult areas of their rough terrain.

“There are fire hydrants in the community but there are 6,500 people living in the rural areas of our county that do not always have immediate access to large volumes of water needed to fight fires,” said Reynolds. “This truck with its four-wheel-drive will allow us to take water into those areas and increases our capacity for a quicker knock down of the flames.”

The truck has already been used to extinguish fires on Highway 87 and US 380.

“The cause of the highway fires have not been determined but any spark can start a fire when the conditions are right,” said Reynolds.

Roadside fires have been caused by a chain dragging on the pavement or sparks from various vehicle malfunctions like broken catalytic converters or running on the rim of flat tires.

“Tahoka VFD has been serving their community and surrounding area since 1920 and appreciates the support and monetary donations of the community and local businesses,” said Reynolds. “All volunteer fire departments depend on such support to help maintain equipment and for operating costs.”

To assure that the personnel are ready to battle fires with the new tender the department members have received training to master the skills needed for efficient team readiness.

Texas A&M Forest Service is committed to protecting lives and property through the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program, a cost share program funded by Texas State Legislature and administered by Texas A&M Forest Service. This program provides funding to rural Volunteer Fire Departments for the acquisition of firefighting vehicles, fire and rescue equipment, protective clothing, dry-hydrants, computer systems and firefighter training.

For more information on programs offered by Texas A&M Forest Service, please visit http://texasfd.com.

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