Social media and its impact on Lubbock property crimes

Social media and its impact on Lubbock property crimes

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

There's been a spike in theft and break-ins across social media due to small businesses using Facebook groups to share crimes. Lubbock police say there isn't necessarily an increase in property crimes, but that social media is giving these crimes more attention. 

Several retailers over the last few months are using these platforms in hopes of catching the criminals. 

 "With mom and pop stores it affects us financially. That's money that we put towards our family and we put our heart and soul into our businesses," Cynthia Rodriquez, Hub City Couture Owner, said.

Rodriquez said she received a call on the morning of February 20th from her alarm company. 

"We don't live too far, we were able to get here within a couple of minutes and we missed them by two minutes, unfortunately," she said. "But they broke down the front door, they threw a rock, got in. The guy went directly to the back and the other guy stole a bunch of inventory." 

Clark's Hub City Pharmacy, located in the medical district, was also broken into on January 28th. 

"a guy broke in. He broke the glass in the front, broke it to get into the pharmacy. He was in and out in about 25 seconds. Just kind of broke it, went right to the register, took the money and left," head pharmacist Chris Hobart said.

Hobart said he worked with Lubbock police for a while before posting to social media. 

"You know, you figure it's on social media people can post, people can agree it's probably that person or um, hey i had that happen to me too," he said. "So I think it's excellent to have social media involved in these things."

Lubbock police say some businesses opt to install bars over glass doors or windows, even shatter-proof glass. However, having these added security measures can't always keeps criminals out.

"We have security cameras, we have an alarm system. You know, it's just a growing case right now with break-ins," Rodriquez said. "They're doing it all over town."

Rodriquez said she believes being aware of her surroundings is one way to curb burglaries and thefts, especially with today's technology. 

"I mean definitely there's more awareness, you're more on your toes. I mean being an independent pharmacy we knew something like this was probably to happen. So we were prepared for it, you know we have insurance, we're ready for things like this," Hobart said. 

The Lubbock Police Department also posted surveillance video of Clark's Hub City Pharmacy on it Facebook page trying to catching the burglar. 

If you recognize anyone in these videos or know anything about the crimes, call Crimeline at 741-1000. You will remain anonymous.

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