Perry: 'Hemp farming provides another cash crop to farmers'

Perry: 'Hemp farming provides another cash crop to farmers'

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

After the 2018 Farm Bill gave a clear pathway for states to authorize farmers to grow hemp, Lubbock State Senator Charles Perry is taking the next step. 

Due to its low THC level of .3, hemp can't get you high. For comparison, marijuana traditionally exceeds a concentration of 10 percent. 

"There's no marijuana effect attached to hemp. It will be used for industrial and agricultural purposes," Perry said. 

Walt Hagood is with the Texas Farm Bureau, While the Bureau supports it, there are still some moving parts. 

 "It can be grown in drought-stricken areas, so I think that's one of the big draws about looking into hemp, plus it's a good rotation crop." Hagood said. "We're gonna have to understand the safety net. We're gonna have to understand the market. There's a lot of unknowns out there about hemp and production."

Perry said adding the crop will be economically responsible. 

"Currently all of the products you see on the shelf today, like United and H-E-B, those are all coming from out of state growers to Texas. It's just leaving money on the table for legitimate agricultural crops."

Perry hopes it's implemented by September so the farmers can start planting next spring. 

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