Family of victim from dog attack wants more animal patrol in eas

Family of victim from dog attack wants more animal patrol in east Lubbock

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Six dogs killed 88-year-old Johnnie Garner in east Lubbock Wednesday night.

Following the attack, the family is searching for more patrols around their neighborhood, so another tragedy doesn't occur.

Garner wasn't the only one attacked by the six dogs. The pit-mixes chased a different neighbor and several others filed complaints.

"They called and next door neighbor called, my mom she don't usually want to call, but I said mom, you've got to call," Garner's youngest son Cedric Girdy said.

Girdy believed his mom was letting her own dogs out Wednesday night when she was attacked.

"Nurse and doctor came back there with us when we all was in the waiting room and told us they had never seen nothing like that before," he said.

Girdy said he's concerned about other neighbors, especially kids. He wants animal control to patrol the east side of town regularly so there aren't more victims.

"Y'all come once a month that's all you know we all pay taxes," Girdy said. "When people call just be assertive someone could come out and about, ride around."

According to the Director of Lubbock Animal Services Steven Greene, his department deals with aggressive animal calls every day.

"A lot of times if an animal's not being a problem to the community, we have such a work load that a lot of times those are not picked up," Greene said. "We do try to find the owners if they appear owned, and if an animal needs help, whether it's injured, sick or aggressive, what have you. We do pick those up and bring them in."

Animal Control euthanized the six dogs. Their brains were sent to Austin to be tested for rabies.

"One thing I always tell people is it's not illegal to own the meanest dog you want," Greene said. "But it's your responsibility to make sure that animal is contained and the community's safe."

Four dogs and four cats are the maximum allowed per household. Otherwise citations are issued.

"Got no hard feelings for nothing, my mom is resting in peace," Girdy said.

When fully staffed, Animal Services is a 25-person department. It's currently short three officers.

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