Area schools help students stay safe on internet

Area schools help students stay safe on internet

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The creepy image above of a Japanese demon, named Momo, pops up mainly on WhatsApp and YouTube. It's aimed to trick kids, trying to get them to do tasks and threatening them if they don't. 

Paige Pierce, a counselor at Cooper West, says parents need to monitor their kids online activity 24/7. 

"You would not send your child into the mall unsupervised. You don't know who they are going to come across, or what they are going to see. You wouldn't want to do that online either, it's the same concept. You don't want to send your kids into the world without any supervision," Pierce said.

Rebecca Meeks, a teacher at Honey Elementary, says now is as important as ever to train your kids. She's been leading a training session for her students, warning them about sites that are safe and ones that aren't. 

"We do scenarios, we do pop up scenarios where if you go to a website and a box pops up, we direct the students on how to act," Meeks said. 

Meeks has been impressed by the progress her students have made. 

"We've reaffirmed that they are doing the right steps and taking the right precautions. The good news is they feel safe enough to address any of those issues with the teachers here because we make it a point to review those concepts," Meeks said. 

If you have any questions about what's appropriate for your kids, click here.  

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