Flu season in West Texas means keeping the house clean is essent

Flu season in West Texas means keeping the house clean is essential

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Several schools in West Texas have shut down for a few days recently because of the flu. Keeping your home clean this time of year is urgent. 

Carpet Tech project manager Newlee Hester said the most common things to get sick from around the house are the things people use and touch every day.

"Hard surfaces are a good area to focus on, viruses can live on, like I said, for 24 hours, things like light switches, doorknobs, countertops, toys, things of that nature," Hester said.

This is why Hester said the best preventative measure, regardless, is washing your hands. 

"Hand washing is vital. Good hand washing practices are not about the type of soap or the type of products you're using. It's the longevity of how long you're washing your hands to get the virus off of the hands because your hands are what pass germs from place to place at the house," Hester said.

Hilary Diaz, a mother of two, said this time is difficult for everyone, but her family has established a routine to be best prepared.

"If y'all go outside and play, the next thing to do is that y'all are going to wash your hands before you come in and play with the toys, so it's just something that is ongoing and it's not something we even think about anymore. Sicknesses spread so quickly these days," Diaz said.

Hester, with Carpet Tech, added it is also vital to clean the air ducts as well, especially with wind picking up this time of year.

Diaz said both her kids have asthma, and dust in the house can only add fuel to the fire.

"Carpet Tech is able to help with that because we can get our air ducts cleaned and make sure that the air that we're breathing in from the air ducts or from the circulation of everything in our home stays clean," Diaz said.

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